April 9, 1970

On this day in 1970, Paul McCartney quit The Beatles, which ended the group.

The band members were are all working on solo projects at the time and as Paul McCartney states often, they had run their course and they did not want to repeat themselves.

There was serious tension between McCartney and John Lennon during this time and sadly the two didn’t part on good terms.


Here is what McCartney had to say on the subject in a 1984 interview with CBC:

CBC: “John Lennon had some some nasty things about you, that you’ve become an Engelbert Humperdinck, that you were a bore.. did you ever reconcile?”

McCartney: “When someone like John Lennon says you’re ‘Muzak’, ya it was very hurtful. There was a point where he deliberately wanted to say crummy things about me

CBC: “Why?”

McCartney: “He was hurt, he later explained it by saying that I’d kinda hurt him over some things  and it was kind of bitchy. At the time I thought about answering him but then I thought about how crazy it would get and that we would be talking through newspapers and really bitching. I decided to not do that. I knew John very well and he was likely to say that about anyone without really meaning it, if often said things he didn’t really mean. When John died, one of the great things Yoko did for me was take me aside and say ‘he did love you’, so that was great.”

CBC: “So this hurt?”

McCartney: “Sure did baby”

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