The Dead Love at CMW 2017

The first thing we need to talk about is the Hair.

That’s capital-H Hair. Because, when it comes to The Dead Love, and their Canadian Music Week performance at the Horseshoe Tavern on Friday night, the Hair is the Aussie band’s fourth member.

The trio’s flavour of hard-hitting rock and roll edges on punk, and has decidedly metal tendencies. But the Hair takes it to a whole new level.

The Hair obscures the lead singer and guitarist’s face as his vocals tear at your throat, just by proximity.

The Hair thrashes around the bassist, who is so skilled to make you stop and listen to the often underlying instrument.

And the Hair, with the shaved side, gets slicked with sweat as the summer beats his kit faster than anything you’ve ever seen, more intensely than you’ve ever seen, and more exciting than you’ve ever seen.

But, make no mistake, the band’s appears hardly starts or ends at the Hair.

The Dead Love have the most insane energy – I’ve never seen a band take “bouncing off the walls” so literally. Their performance is absolutely invigorating, with a stage presence that involves foaming beer, spitting water and the kind of fun shenanigans that get crowds wild.

Add to that their amazing sound: the distorted guitars squealing and scratching away, the bass burrowing deep into your chest, and the drums piercing your ears and putting you in a trance.

Trust me when I say you want more of The Dead Love. Listen to the band’s latest, So Whatever, and keep up with the group on Facebook.

Oh, and get more photos from the show at our Facebook page.


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