Taylor Jahn’s glorious voice can’t Hide Away

Oregon native Taylor Jahn’s vocals are almost too pure. They’re amazingly glorious and they take centre stage on the singer-songwriter’s latest EP, Hide Away, released earlier this year.

The album is a real spotlight of Jahn’s talent—his full-bodied piano playing, his soft acoustic guitar, and… those vocals.

“Keep Moving On” is the best example of Jahn’s far-reaching talent. The song soars into the loftiest reaches of musical hope, speaking to the loss of a loved one. But the album isn’t all heartache.

Take “All We Need”: the song is a poppy doo-wop-inspired single, that’ll have you singing, dancing and whistling along in no time.

“Light Inside” is equally enthralling, but delightfully darker and heavier. The track extends along with such a sense of urgency that it’ll get stuck in your chest and pull you along.

Jahn’s lovey-dovey lyrics sprinkled throughout Hide Away just barely cracked my cold, black heart, but I’ll be damned if those pure vocals didn’t nearly bring a tear to my eye… before making me smile with glee.

Get more Taylor Jahn online at www.taylorjahn.com.


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