Ride the surf-rock wave with Monomyth’s Happy Pop Family

Happy Pop Family is the sophomore effort from Monomyth. It’s also the Halifax-native, Montreal-based band’s first record with a new rhythm section. Josh Salter and Seamus Dalton are joined by Scott Grundy and Andrew Mazerolle, rounding out only the purest of records.

The 11-track album opens with “Aloha” and it’s sleepy, surfy vibes. The song is perfect for a warm day at the beach, and the perfect introduction to the band’s extreme laid-back, beach-bum, easy surf-rock sound.

Following is “Puppet Creek,” a zippy little tune, keeping up a sunny, almost psychedelic feel. “Drinking in Bed in E,” meanwhile, features echoey vocals, quick marching drums, delightfully streamy guitar and quick changes sin tempo – proving Monomyth is no one-trick pony.

“Cool Blue Hello” slows it down, with its hazy distant harmonies and an almost steely acoustic feel. The song slowly fades into and out of your consciousness like a soft strange dream. “Go Somewhere” takes the album for something of a turn. It’s got a quick, almost country feel – like the Wild West meets the Beach Boys.

“Fuck With Me” wraps up Happy Pop Family. It’s a psych-flavoured romp with lazy vocals, deep bass and a slow, reverie guitar, bringing something of a grungey feel.

Get more Monomyth online at www.monomyth.ca.

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