March 19, 1962

On this day in 1962, Bob Dylan released his first record, the self-titled Bob Dylan.

Recorded in November of 1962 for a whooping $402 at Columbia Recording Studios in New York, New York, the album was released by Columbia Records and produced by the acclaimed John H. Hammond. The album contains thirteen songs, only two of which were written by Dylan: ‘Song to Woody’ and ‘Talkin’ New York’. The rest of the album consisted of standard folk songs, such as ‘House of The Risin’ Sun’ and ‘Baby, Let Me Follow You Down’. Almost every song on the record was recorded in one take, with Dylan refusing to sing the same songs twice stating, “I can’t see myself singing two songs in a row. That’s terrible.”

The album wasn’t overly successful on the charts at the time it was released, but today it is considered to be a classic piece of music history.

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