Mad Ones’ “End Of You” is just the beginning

Less than a month after the official release of their Sanciety album, Toronto’s Mad Ones are back with a new single (called “End Of You”), to tease out a new LP (called Regretless).

The song starts softly enough, with a fun riff and an easy-to-follow drum beat. And soon, it’s easy to see that this is a different kind of Mad Ones than we’re used to – arguably more rock’n’roll than ever before.

In speaking to Exclaim!, which debuted the track, it seems the band has taken on a more political theme with “End Of You.” The song contemplates “the value of human life and likely speculat[es] on the existence of an afterlife… The song is also appropriately suited to the recent rise of right wing populism in the U.S., the strength of the opposition to it and the sinking feeling we are, as a species, doomed to repeat our mistakes.”

Regretless is set for a March 3 release, until then, listen to “End Of You” over and over again. And read our interview with the band. And also check out Mad Ones online:



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