Bad Buzz at CMW 2017

There’s nothing like a room full of heads bobbing in tune to the band on stage, and that’s exactly what Toronto’s Bad Buzz brought to the Bovine Sex Club on Wednesday.

Bad Buzz, with distorted guitars and the fastest drums this side of the Gardiner, is just plain old fun. It’s pop punk to get you dancing. It’s the kind of punk rock that gets into your bones and just fills you with energy—a buzz, if you will.

There are pauses in all the right places, and amazing details, like the specifically placed thud of a bass or the quiet twinkle of a guitar, makes for a fun listen live or at home.

But live… man, you’re in for a treat.

The punk rock foursome played a great mix of old and new – like “Wimp,” a fun, down-n-dirty pop punk song off their first EP. They also treated the swelling Canadian Music Week crowd to new music that will likely appear on their yet-to-be-recorded album.

If you missed them on Wednesday night, you’re SOL: the group is taking a break from shows to record an album. But keep up with them on Facebook.

And click here to see more photos from their set.

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