You’ll go insane for Mad Ones’ SANCIETY

Good ol’ fashioned rock and roll. That’s what society needs, and that’s what Mad Ones bring with their latest effort, SANCIETY.

The record is the band’s first full-length since 2013 – that is, if you’re counting the five-track BURNING WINDOW. Like that last record, SANCIETY is a high-energy burst of glorious noise, through and through.

madones“Fangs,” for instance, opens with distorted guitars before the heart-pounding drums crash in and take you for a spin. The vocals are more refined than in the band’s past efforts, but still have that razor-edge we love.

“Leather Rug” continues that insane energy with drums faster than anything you’ve ever heard and distant, echoey vocals speeding right along. “Phazed,” meanwhile, slows it down – at least, as slowly as Mad Ones are capable. The ragged guitars storm along in the background, while the lazy vocals drag on, lulling you in a soft sway.

The title track is another standout. The vocals kick-start the song, while the quickening drums build in excitement before the entire song cuts out as quickly as it started.

Trust me when I say that you definitely want more Mad Ones. Get it at

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