Take a walk on the wild side with Middle Sister’s Cries of the Wild

Cries of the Wild (2015) comes as the second full-length album release from Windsor-based band Middle Sister. Taking the old with the new, this band prides itself on employing traditional folk music with a modernistic pop vibe.

Band members Colin Wysman (guitars and vocals), Kaitlyn Kelly (mandolin, piano, and vocals), Stu Kennedy (violin, guitar, mandolin, vocals), James Oltean-Lepp (bass and additional vocals), and Nate Gelinas (drums) get a lay of the Canadian landscape and make a point to focus on the True North as their main subject.

MiddleSisterThe album sounds almost as folksy as you’d expect an album called Cries of the Wild to be, but there’s an edgier rock filter overlaid. It also sounds like an R.E.M-inspired band, whether that was intentional or not. It’s a starting point of mainstream band comparison, at least.

While folksy and aloof, it has a decidedly tribal and western undertone all the same. This all makes Cries of the Wild difficult to describe. Unsurprisingly, their best song is the namesake track, “Cries of the Wild”. It’s a refreshing change of pace for anyone who’s sick of the synthetic pop route.

Take a walk on the wild side with Middle Sister and their latest release, Cries of the Wild (2015) through their Bandcamp page. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook for upcoming tour dates and other releases.


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