Step outside of what’s expected with new Mise en Scene

In the first bout of new music since 2013 (!!), Winnipeg’s Mise en Scene is debuting a slightly fuzzier sound, laden with deep bass and singer Stefanie Blondal Johnson’s signature sweet-yet-soaring vocals.

MiseEnScene“Show Me You’re Real” is the kind of song that the now-foursome is known for: you can dance to it, sit and be with it, have it on while you do whatever you do… either way, you’ll be entirely engrossed in the track, singing along with lyrics like: “You’re afraid to be alone / You’ve come undone, now we’re in the unknown / You’re afraid to come home, yeah you’re afraid to come home / Show me you’re real”

It’s also got a real strength behind it. I, for one, hear the protagonist daring her partner (or maybe even herself) to prove him/herself, to embrace what’s here in the moment, and to step outside of what’s expected.

After all, that’s what Mise en Scene is all about.

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