Shmu’s Shhh!!!! is layers and layers of psychedelic rainbow cake, complete with sprinkles

Shmu (also known as Sam Chown) never ceases to impress with this endless recycling of music samples, played by himself live and in the studio. The songs consist of scraps of other songs, pieces both loved and not loved. Scraps are piled, layered and stacked until they become nothing short of a masterpiece.

Shhh!!! (2015) is like a fine cake, stacks of flavourful cake, lined with rainbow icing, and topped off with sprinkles that melt in your mouth (or rather, your ears) at the first taste.

11940717_960589627317667_5627780888218848616_nThe album features “Flutes”, the sprinkles on the cake, which sounds as if it’s straight out of a movie about puppies and butterflies. “Flutes” is comprised of two flutes played into five sets of microphones, then set at different time delays. It’s a wholesome orgy of cheerful flutes: short, sweet and the epitome of Shmu’s music.

“Dirty Sanchez”, like other songs on the album, including “Pictionary” and “Warrior”, is the love child of post-rock, synth and that stuff your best friend plays in their basement after a few too many. These are the cake parts of the album, melt in your mouth softness, yet the firmer songs of the album.

The rainbow icing, holding all the layers of cake together, are songs like “156” and “Shoestrings”. These songs are epic works of layering that keeps the mind wondering: where does one snippet end and the other begin?

The album is a holy symphony of this and that and a bit of everything. It’s the editing and remastering of a genius, gritty and smooth simultaneously, and the new soundtrack of your life. Check out Shmu’s album on his Bandcamp page and stay updated through his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @SHMUSIX.

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