September 15, 1968

On this day in 1968, Jim Morrison collapsed during Jefferson Airplane’s set at a concert in Amsterdam, forcing The Doors, who were sharing the bill, to go on as a trio.

Scheduled to play the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, both bands strolled the streets prior to the show, taking in the sights.

Various forms of narcotics were being shared with the groups— joints, pills, hash. Morrison was ingesting everything handed to him that afternoon.

Morrison was backstage, wasted and watching Jefferson Airplane performed. When the band started “Fantastic Plastic Lover,” Morrison walked onstage and began to dance to the music. He quickly passed out from an overload of fun. He was carried backstage and then taken to a local hospital.

The remaining Doors were left with a dilemma: Do they cancel their concert, or do they go on without their singer? They played on.



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