Rodney Cromwell’s Black Dog EP sports a crisp futuristic sound

In fashion with a lot of other indie acts, Rodney Cromwell (the newest project for synthetic pop artist Adam Cresswell) has this zany style that strikes you first with the album art for his known album Age of Anxiety (2015). Ever the consistent artist, his new Black Dog EP (2015) sports a same style both musically and visually.

0004465587_10The Norwich, UK-based alternative artist stands out from the pack by making his music from “old synths, kids toys, and guitars from Argos”. The sound generally inspires nostalgia from the ‘70s and ‘80s when this new age pop ran rampant. With the amount of attention Age of Anxiety (2015) amassed, it’s no surprise that band members Adam C. Cresswell, Alice Hubley, and Richard Salt decided to wow the indie world with another release.

Faded out, aloof, and dreamy – Cromwell shows his style still works for him. Interestingly enough, the synthetic and calm nature of the leading track, “Black Dog”, serves as a perfect antithesis for the Led Zeppelin song of the same name. This album has that feeling of hearing it from another room or while submerged in water. It’s like you can easily slip into another state of mind while listening to Black Dog EP (2015), and I guess that’s the point.

Then we get a track like “You Will Struggle (Rod’s Glitchy Disco Mix)” which sounds a lot like New Order’s famed song “Blue Monday”. It strikes in the same vein, but this track is just different enough to show variety. With a lack of vocals and a crisp futuristic sound, it makes for busy ambience music. The EP is a great sound through-and-through.

An excess of respected voices from the indie world can’t be wrong: Rodney Cromwell has it going on. So go listen to the Black Dog EP (2015) right now. Yes, right now! And while you’re at it, check out Age of Anxiety (2015) too. You can listen to these tracks on their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Also check out their Facebook page to see what else is going on and follow them on Twitter @robot_rocker.

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