Renny Wilson establishes a cartoony unique sound with “Escaping Alive”

Renny Wilson comes with a label: “now a premium purveyor of pop for puss punks from Potsdam to Pasadena!” If this sounds like a bit much, wait until you get a load of the album cover for his latest album release, Punk Explosion/Extension released last July. To get fans hyped for the album, the Montreal-based songwriter released the track “Escaping Alive”.

RennyWilsonThe twang of the instruments make it sound older than it really is, and you can definitely hear the gritty tones of a London-inspired punk band (the likes of Sex Pistols). There’s a ’60s wave aloofness at certain parts, too, and the track is pretty inconsistent with itself.

The vocals sound very cartoony, likely intentional to establish a style that’s truly their own. Actually, one of the online comments hinted that this song sounded like it was sung by Muppets and I’m inclined to agree. Overall, it’s a good song for anyone looking for a little added oomph in the punk rock community.

Check out this song and others on Punk Explosion/Extension on the Renny Wilson website. Get quick updates on the jumped-up fellow through his Facebook page.


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