May 26, 1948

May26On this day in 1948, Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to proud parents Barbara and Jesse Nicks.

Nicks would form a close bond with her grandfather, Aaron Nicks, a musician himself. He and little Stevie began performing duets by the time she was four.

Nicks received the gift of a Goya guitar on her sixteenth birthday, and she immediately sat down and wrote her first song, called ‘I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost, and I’m Sad but Not Blue’.

When attending Arcadia High School in California Nick’s joined her first band, The Changing Times. While finishing school at Menlo Atherton High School, Nicks met Lindsey Buckingham, the man who would become her future romantic partner of many years, as well as her musical collaborator.

It wasn’t until a few years later that Buckingham would contact Nicks and asked her to join him and his band, Fritz. The group became popular in the live scene between 1968 to 1972. They would open for acclaimed musicians, such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

Nicks would go on to attend San Jose State University in California (along with Buckingham). Nicks majored in Speech Communication and had intended on becoming an English teacher, but, by this time, music had taken precedence, and she and Buckingham dropped out of school in 1968 and moved to L.A. to follow their musical aspirations.

Out of money and a home, Nicks, along with boyfriend Buckingham, moved into Keith Olsen’s residence, the house engineer at Sound City Studios. The goal was for Buckingham to help Olsen in the studio while Nicks cleaned the house, and that would, in turn, pay for the recording costs of the solo album that they had been working on, titled Buckingham Nicks.

During this time, Mick Fleetwood was visiting Sound City, and Olsen played Fleetwood a track from Buckingham Nicks, titled ‘Frozen Love’. Mick Fleetwood liked it, was introduced to Buckingham, and soon Fleetwood invited Buckingham to join the infamous band Fleetwood Mac. Buckingham agreed, but only on the condition that his musical partner and girlfriend, Stevie Nicks, could join the band, as well. Fleetwood agreed and Buckingham and Nicks joined the group on New Year’s Eve of 1974.

Soon after, the release of Fleetwood Mac’s Fleetwood Mac in 1975 would forever change music history. Stevie Nicks’ ‘Rhiannon’ would captivate not only the audiences she performed in front of, but those listening on the radio, and would influence the charts and future musicians to follow.

In 1981, Nicks would begin her solo career with the release of Bella Donna. The album would reach Platinum in less then three months. While this would seem to be a highlight in Nicks’ life, it was all but. Nicks’ best friend since childhood, Robin Anderson, was diagnosed with Leukaemia the day that Bella Donna was released. Anderson would pass away 14 months later.

Nicks struggled through the years but went on to release seven solo albums while she battled a publicized drug addiction to cocaine and sedatives. The 1986 tour for her solo release of Rock A Little signified a principal change in Nicks’ personal life and career. A doctor had warned Nicks of her severe health problems; she was told that if she did not stop using cocaine she would end up dead. . . the next line she snorted could kill her.

Nicks checked herself into the Betty Ford Clinic for a 30-day stint. Finally clean of cocaine, Nicks visited a psychiatrist who prescribed sedatives to help her remain free from the drug. This caused another addiction and subsequent battle, as well as weight gain that Nicks was scrutinized in the public for. This caused her to go into seclusion and she started a new battle with depression.

Nicks would eventually pick herself back up again, and release more solo records. She would also join Fleetwood Mac in the studio and on tour anew.

By 1997, Fleetwood Mac would form once again to perform for President Bill Clinton – his campaign song being ‘Don’t Stop’. The group enjoyed their reunion and would join each other again on stage at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California, to perform in front of a live audience for a taped concert called The Dance. Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac have continued to record, release, and tour steady ever since.

Nicks was married only once, to Kim Anderson, but that marriage ended quickly and was without much mention.

Nicks does not have any children, but tends to refer to her songs as her children.

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