Lights That Change’s “Starlight” presents folk wrapped in an ethereal wave present

Welcome to your new UK-based musical dream: Lights That Change. Shoe-gazing, Dream popping, and ethereal waving, join vocalist Mandy Clare, sonic musician Marc Joy, bassist John Byrn, and drum programmer Mal Holmes as they return to the international stage with their single “Starlight”. It’s a combination of traditional methods with new synthetic vibe of the 21st Century.

It definitely has a Celtic folk rock feeling ringing throughout, but it takes a step away from the traditional folk music that we all know and strives for something very modern. The ethereal wave music is what gives it that modern spin, but it’s also dated enough to separate it from other indie artists today.

12359941_910792299029062_4535476927032887794_nIt’s hypnotic, and what post-punk is to the rampant punk movement in the ‘60s, this is like a post-folk with psych-pop qualities. Clare does a great job with vocals and they’re only accentuated with Mal Holmes’ synthetic programming.

You can check out Starlight on Spotify or through their Bandcamp page. Get more information on new releases on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @LightsThatChang.

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