Kendall Lake sings us a dark story with “Lay You Down” and the result is one addictive song

For one reason or another, someone has foolishly gotten on Kendall Lake’s last nerve, and all the gritty aftermath details have been spilled in her track, “Lay You Down”. Released in last November, Lake has produced a song that is quite a fair warning for any future lovers that may cross paths with her.

“Lay You Down” is a revengeful dark tale, where we hear sounds of heavy breathing, someone digging in the ground, and an eerie background track, all under the influence of opium. The incorporation of eerie background music is a typical choice, but the addition of the other smaller nuances is what differentiates this song. I often find myself captivated by the pace and lull of the music, but still incredibly focused on the next interesting turn that the lyrics are going to take.

296958_259723697378805_3927132_nLake’s vocals in this piece are quite impressive, much like her other songs. The depth and tone to her voice is a perfect match to the kind of acoustics necessary for the story that we’re being taken through. I especially enjoyed the few moments where Lake belts out and shows off some of her true power. There is absolutely no holding back with this song, and it’s clear that Kendall has a lot to say (and do) about whatever it was that our mysterious individual did to her.

It’s pretty clear that this song is a hit and it’s popularity so far shows just that. More work like this would be ideal for securing Lake’s continuing success and can absolutely give a kick to setting this talented artist off into the stars.

If you miss out on this, you might find yourself on her hit list, so check out her stuff on her website. Listen to this track and others like it on her Soundcloud page and don’t forget to check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @kendallake.

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