Heart Attack Kids’ No Future brings you back to your delinquent days

There seems to be a new kind of punk rock infesting the airwaves recently. It’s this grimy, punk rock/garage rock mix. With bands like Fidlar, Greys and Single Mothers the newest emerging band to crack open the scene is London, Ontario’s own Heart Attack Kids. The two man band, composed of Jared Ellul on vocals and guitar and Nathan Stock on drums have a sound that will bring you back to your own delinquent days of studded jackets and basement shows.

The boys of Heart Attack Kids will be releasing their first ever full length album entitled No Future on May 6th 2016, and it’s a must hear for all looking for a hardcore album of the summer.

The first song on the album is “Deaf Dogs”, a song they have already released with a video accompaniment. However, the song itself starts off with an intense drum build-up and then bursts into a monstrous punk rock track. “Deaf Dogs” is a hardcore, in-your-face and unapologetically angry song, it’s catchy and danceable and is a perfect preview for the rest of the album.

10366032_909104289178418_7931590450955789651_nThe second song on the album is called “Eh okgr” and all though it starts off with that same sort of drum build up, the song transitions into a much more garage rock tune packed with some good old rock n’ roll guitar riffs. The song has a catchiness to it that a lot of new punk rock songs lack. It also has a catchy sing-along aspect that makes it impossible to get out of your head—not that that’s a bad thing.

“Blowup Dolls and Cannonballs” is the song of the summer, you can just feel the excitement in this one. It’s chaotic, it’s delinquent, it’s rowdy—it’s the way you want to spend your summer months all rolled up into the perfect explosive song. The song is reminiscent of bands like the Cancer Bats, with a dark and heavy punk rock feel, like the feeling of walking home from the bar at 4am on thick summer nights.

“Flow” shows a much more mellow version of the band. Ellul’s vocals are not as grungy, and overall the tune is much more garage rock, rather than that explosive punk rock the rest of the album has. The song itself sounds more like Fidlar than any hardcore band, however you can still tell it’s the young duo.

My favourite track on the album is “Kicked” which brings me back to seeing shows in high school, at venues like Siesta Nouveaux and the Big Bop. The song is a punk rock song without a doubt, with hints of a sound sort of like Single Mothers. The song is the kind you listen to right before you leave to go out. It’s a pump up song–every time I listen to it my heart speeds up a bit and I have the urge to shove someone.

You gotta get your heart pumping this summer with Heart Attack Kid’s No Future, now available on Spotify. And hey, if you like what you hear, check out their other albums on their Bandcamp page. Check out their website for upcoming shows, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @HeartAttackKids.

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  1. Extremely well written article !

  2. I might pick up this album, sounds good.

  3. Brings me back to my own crazy days.

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