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DSC_0017 copyThe Montreal-based quartet can only be described as indie rock with balls.

It’s almost as if Montreal-based quartet Sherlock did it on purpose: taking the stage dressed like a modern vaudevillian troupe – complete with suspenders, vests, a steampunky jacket and, naturally, a top hat – as if to say, ‘You’re not ready for this.’

But that’s hardly to say the band’s greatness stopped at costume. Make no mistake: Sherlock has the chops to back up every rivet, hoop earring and curly moustache on that stage.

On stage at Supermarket last night, Sherlock was fun, loud and exciting. Their gleefully distorted guitars are an earful not to be missed, and their deep bass gets right to your soul. It’s the kind of biting indie rock that’s got serious balls

And yet, they’re not afraid to slow it down. A new song featured that same deep bass but paired it with a twinkly acoustic guitar and those wicked guitar riffs.

DSC_0045 copyLyrically, I can’t understand a word (my 8th grade French teacher would undoubtedly be shaking her head). But I can say their vocals pass smoothly between beautiful and serene, and absolutely wild – like on their opening tune, which had the singer cheerily shouting through a megaphone. I mean, they could sing a McDonald’s menu (and very well could have been) and it would still be great.

Overall, there’s something delightfully European about Sherlock. It could just be the French, but there’s a real unique and honest quality about the band.

And then, before their set even ends, you’re checking to see when else they’re playing so you can catch them again this week.

They’re not playing any other CMW sets, though, so if you missed their Monday night gig, you’re SOL.

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  1. Loved your article on Sherlock.

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