Cashavelly Morrison’s The Kingdom Belongs to a Child will give you a hankering for heartbreak

There aren’t many artists than can take the folk art tradition and make it sound unique quite like Americana goddess Cashavelly Morrison. The inspiration behind her debut album The Kingdom Belongs to a Child (2015) can be attributed to growing up in a coal-mining town called Beckley in West Virginia, keeping a solid grip on the arts from a young age.

When it comes to art, she’s a jack-of-all-trades, starting off as a dancer, turning to writing, and recently working with music. The Kingdom Belongs to a Child (2015) has largely received great reviews, especially amongst those who enjoy the country hues and have a hankering for heartbreak.

cashavelly_10I like this concept of the modern bard with the lyrics holding the same fantastical themes and the folksy acoustics. It develops itself as the tracks go on, lending to a country sound as the album progresses, but never losing that Celtic hold that “Long-Haired Mare” established.

The Kingdom Belongs to a Child (2015) has a lot going for it, but what stands out the most is Casahvelly Morrison’s vocals. Amongst other talents, she is a great singer, and no matter how you feel about country or folk, you have to agree that not many have her vocal aptitude.

If you’re the folksy type, you’ll seriously want to give Cashavelly Morrison a listen, so visit her website to get the skinny on her music. For quick updates, check out her Facebook and Instagram page, and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @Cashavelly.

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