Bumpy 103 goes international with “Spit It”

Bumpy 103 wasn’t always known as this skippity name, but was born as Shane Jackson in New Jersey. Since then, he’s honed his craft and reached international audiences, including a few in Toronto with overreaching successes like 2015’s “Spit It”. Like a few other rappers, he turned to the recording studio to keep him off the street in a precarious neighbourhood gang environment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 4.00.58 PMThis is probably the first time in recent memory that I’ve heard a rap song open with a Gothic choir rhythm, so Bumpy 103 certainly deserves some points for originality in that sense. However, it kinda falls into line with the rest of the rap community of being a ballad of how great he is. It’s a little repetitive, but as far as rap goes, it flows nicely and it’s catchy as hell. The line “I’m a spit it like a nigga with no teeth” also made me laugh quite a bit, so it’s quick catches like these in rap lyrics that you really have to pay attention to so you can fully appreciate the song.

Support Bumpy 103 in his journey of rhythm and poetry by listening to his tracks on his SoundCloud page.

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