Beyoncé is serving us far more than just Lemonade this time around

With the release of Beyonce’s Lemonade, she has, as per usual, turned the internet upside down. Again, the release of Lemonade was a surprise for everyone, and was also a big step forward vocally and visually. This time around, Lemonade has some very important things to offer for other artists.

The impact Lemonade can have for other artists looking to learn something can really go to great lengths. One of the most important tips Lemonade has to offer is the fact that listening to what fans what is crucial. Because Beyonce has such a private personal life, it is of course the one thing that her fans beg to get more information about – and Lemonade is giving them just that. It doesn’t necessarily matter what’s being given to fans through the music (not every artist needs to expose their personal life), just as long as fans are being shown that they have been heard.

beyonce-formation-black-lives-matter-opinion-640x383 We also received a one hour long music video with the album. Fans absolutely love music videos, and being let down that your favourite song isn’t going to be getting a video is sometimes disappointing. Instead, Lemonade has a video for every song, so that when you have finally picked your favourite song, there’s a video patiently waiting. So instead of only appealing to the most popular songs of their albums, artists could give fans a little something extra for each song. This doesn’t specifically mean that every artist looking for some improvement needs to have a one-hour music video, but including something extra, like a photo album for example, can really come in handy for the success of the music.

Our last stop is how Lemonade is offering a change and mixup of the usual music. Beyonce incorporates her usual pop vocals, while also mixing variations of rap, country (“Daddy Lessons”), rock (“Don’t hurt Yourself”), and different vocal modifications (“6 Inch” is a great example). Lemonade avoids offering traditional and predictable dance/pop music, but instead intertwines that with different genres. This way, her music is still keeping us entertained, while giving a range of genre appeal. This does two things: it helps Lemonade appeal to a bigger pool of listeners, and it’s artistic sounds are a hook for any future work. This does not necessarily suggest that artists who want to follow this structure need to mix pop music with their genre, but really a proper mix of any genres can be a hit. For any artist that may be looking for just a music-oriented change instead, mixing genres with their music can really open up doors for a variety of listeners. However, the more important of these two aspects is the latter, where the music needs to have a hook – to be addictive and make listeners crave more.

Lemonade has really set Beyonce apart from her current competitors in the music scene, and each and every aspect that is different and unique to her new album is certainly something for any aspiring and hard-working artist to take note of. Furthermore, it sets a precedent that up-and-comers can latch onto in a very competitive market.

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