Beatcops strike quickly with their “Hit It Again” music video

Mikey Hepner and Tim Fletcher had crossed paths a few times (mostly with the Montreal-based band The Dropouts) before deciding to take themselves seriously and collaborate on an actual project in 2014. Adding Max Hébert (drummer from Les Breastfeeders, High Dials, etc.) and Pat Bennett (guitarist and keyboardist from Trigger Effect) to the mix, and suddenly Beatcops was born.

Reading the bio, you can tell that these guys are a little eccentric, from “hearing voices” to describing that their live performances sound like they’re performed on “large guitars” (but make no mistake, they clarify that their guitars are very much normal-sized). 2015 has proven to be a busy year for them, especially with the release of Mean Streets (2015) and the pre-released song and video duo “Hit It Again”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.59.41 PMIn the video, a somber scene is soon turned kickass with the Beatcops ripping their way out of a grave in a fanatic zoom-in, zoom-out shifting camera frame. Mid-song, both the music and the video sort of change their pace with something a little more Eastern traditional done in a rock n’ roll filter (almost like how Led Zeppelin delivered the instrumentals in “Kashmir”). It ends as abruptly as it starts, playing the same resounding heartbeat from the beginning of the video pre-song. It’s a quick one-and-done, but “Hit It Again” makes its impression.

In the market for something a little unusual? Check out Beatcops’ new video. If you like what you hear, their Bandcamp page has a little more worth listening to. Go to their Facebook page to see what else they have going on.

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