Ajay Mathur mixes genres like no other on 9 to 3

If there ever was a fusion of genres, it’s Ajay Mathur’s mix of rock, psychedelic, Americana and pop on 9 to 3.

India-born, Switzerland-based Mathur exhibits his talents via wise lyrics and masterful instrumentals. With more than a million listeners worldwide, Mathur’s songs are beyond what you may expect.

AjayMathur-1Inspired by his own life experiences, the album provides a glimpse of humour, a touch of romance, and perhaps even slightly cynical. The lyrics and music are most definitely engaging and entertaining, to say the least.

While some songs incorporate guitar, harps and even the sitar, an unexpected jolt of alt-rock creates what can only be described as a crock-pot of genres with meaningful lyrics.

Each song has a surprising element to them – you never know what to expect! Whether it’s a soft ballad with a hit of classic rock, or a meaningful song with hints of the Indian sitar, or classical harp with psychedelic overtones, you just need to listen and prepare to be amazed with this popular and talented musician.

Learn more about this fantastic musician by visiting his website.


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