Vonelle’s Young Soul boasts the Toronto music spirit

Toronto band Vonelle killed it back in 2012 with their Young Soul EP. The band – made up of vocalist and guitarist Julia Crawford, synthesis mixer Steve Lavery, bassist Keith Doiron, and drummer Kevin Richards – are indie rock for sure, further describing their music as “unicorn rock”.

The synthetic range throughout the songs dance about and have as much of a variety as Julia Crawford’s vocals. The lyric writing style itself is pretty straightforward with clever quips peppered over the songs.

Vonelle‘Over&Over’ is a great fluid introduction to the zany style that this quartet takes on. The mix of synthetic sounds with harder, more traditional rock riffs make this band pretty reminiscent of early Metric material. That’s about as far as the comparison goes though, as the content of the music is pretty different and the vocal style is unique. Mixing synth with a punk rock is a very Toronto style, which makes sense in regards to this band’s style.

Like with any other band starting out, Vonelle has fast-paced songs that are fit to be hits as well as slower sway-like tracks – all to show the variety that this band comes with.

Like the EP title suggests, ‘Young Soul’ is the strongest track on this album. It’s aloof in a lot of places but the track is anchored by a grating guitar and sharp synthetic sounds. The vocal filter is what gives it its own style.

For fans of Metric looking for the next band to lift the Toronto music scene, look no further than Vonelle. People should support Torontonian bands like this ragtag crew of musicians.

Check out their EP on their BandCamp page. For more information on their music, go to their Facebook page and follow their Twitter.

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