Tough Age makes classic cool with “Warm Hair”

Along with the release of their album, I Get The Feeling Central, Tough Age continues their streak of traditional instruments with “Warm Hair”. Their garage-punk style endures from this track to the very last.

ToughAge-2Earlier this year when I reviewed “Snakes & Ladders” from this same band, I was impressed by their ability to keep the garage punk scene not only alive, but thriving with the style that it was originally intended. It’s not rip-roaring like Sex Pistols, but not overly sullen like Joy Division, it’s in between.

I’m pleased to hear that “Warm Hair” continues this same style, focusing more on the instrumentals than the vocals, but still manages to keep the singing interesting with vocal filters. The singing is drawn-out, the music is trance-like, but it still has an underlying inspiration for the punk crowds.

To hear the rest of their album, check out their BandCamp page. For more information on their release, go the Tough Age Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @toughage.

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