There’s reason for the hype behind MAX’s ‘Gibberish’ video

MAX is an up-and-coming solo act that made his start as early as 2010 with his short album First Encounters. Since then, he’s largely been doing covers of popular songs and has amassed quite a fan base. It’s no surprised then that when he released the video for ‘Gibberish’ with Hoodie Allen, it got three million views in six days. There’s a reason for the hype behind this video in particular.

Everything from the choreography, to the cinematography, to the visual effects – it’s all really well done and very creative. Another thing I like is that there are no clear cuts to the video, making the entire production look like a single shot. It’s also pretty cool how it plays with reversed and forwarded footage.

MAX Right out of the gate, the song isn’t really up my alley, but I can definitely see how it would appeal to the mainstream pop scene. I think the biggest problem with the music itself is that it strikes me as a carbon copy of just about every other pop song out there. However, this doesn’t keep me from enjoying the video.

The red and blue contrasting against one another shows a visual duality to it – constantly giving the viewer something to look at. Hoodie Allen’s cameo is probably my favourite effect, complete with his face showing up super-imposed into the fog trailing out of a smoke machine. The production is just hard to take your eyes off of. Whether you’re a fan of pop or not, you’re probably a fan of things that look pretty cool. Check it out, you’re gonna get something out of it.

Check out MAX’s tracks on Spotify, where he has grown substantially. Get more information on the guy through his website.


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