The Revival honour their fallen brother in the best way they can

Two years ago, Alex Danyliuk, the talented drummer for The Revival, suddenly passed away. The Winnipeg-based band was, understandably, distraught. But they’ve found a very special way to honour their friend and carry on – as he surely would have wanted.


TheRevivalRaz Mataz Magazine (RMM): You guys just finished up quite an extensive tour. How was that?

The Revival: Touring this summer was a wonderful experience for us. Not only did we get to perform almost every night for a new audience, we also got to see a good chunk of North America and make lots of memories with all sorts of people.


RMM: You’re also slated to release your first full-length later this year. How was the writing and recording process for that?

The Revival: The crazy thing about our upcoming album is that our fallen drummer helped write most of the songs that will be on it. He literally died a week after we finished the pre-production on the entire album. I don’t think any of us would have come out of the experience of his passing quite the same had we not been able to carry on as a band and been able to record/tour still. It’s all thanks to the love and support that we got from our friends and family. The local Winnipeg music scene treated us with grace and our label/management team were there every step of the way. It’s like a little family that we have within Pipe & Hat. We had a drummer from another band on the label named Jed Desilets come into play almost immediately, which helped us to continue playing shows. Eventually Alex’s drum teacher Kevin Radomsky offered to record the album with us and he did a wonderful job. We have so much gratitude for everyone that has helped keep this band going. Alex would be very proud.


RMM: How has your music on this new album changed from the last time you were in the studio?

The Revival: Once Scott Beattie joined us we began to write more songs. We definitely went into an almost darker and heavier direction, but we’ve been through a lot so the music reflects us in many ways. Our biggest goal when making this album was to be able to define our sound and to stand out amongst so many bands trying to be noticed. We’ve thrived off of being real, fusing electronics and rock music, and by having a high energy live show. We love using old soul with new sounds. In regards to “Tell Me What You Know About Love” being intentionally heavier, it kind of just happened over night as we worked on developing our sound.


RMM: The third annual Keep Shining benefit just happened. Why is it important to remember Alex in this particular way?

The Revival: The Keep Shining benefit is very important to us, his friends, and especially his family. The Revival was formed in his parents basement and they supported the music for years until his untimely passing. The night is full of great energy, stories, and old friends who come together to celebrate the life of a great human being. What better way to remember him then to gather up many bands and have a night full of music and love?


RMM: What can we expect from the new album?

The Revival: You can expect to hear a variety of well-constructed songs that we put our hearts into making. It showcases Alex, his drum teacher Kevin, and our new drummer Scott on different songs, as well as encapsulates how some young men felt when they lost a best friend and a brother. It certainly isn’t sad though, it speaks to the listener to find hope in themselves and to Carry On. Just like we did.


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