The Nursery is doing it right

The opening riff off the latest from Toronto’s The Nursery is immediately enticing. By the time the vocals jump in, you’re already hooked.

‘She Speaks the Wave’ is the first song off the band’s two-track EP of the same name, released in March. And it’s a masterfully crafted song at that. The guitars and synths and drums and bass all lead into one another, yet remain separate, and together the music and vocals swell and soften in all the right places.

TheNurseryThe second track, ‘Hexes and O’s’ is a wild raucous – it’s fun and dancey and poppy. It has more of a ska sound to it, pointing frontman Alex Pulec’s early days on the scene as the guitarist for now-defunct The Ruby Spirit.

The best thing about The Nursery, though, is their unabashed risk-taking. In an era where musical risks are had to come by, bands like this one stick out for all the right reasons. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working, and I hope it never stops.

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