Tara Priya takes a breath with ‘Friends Like These’

This rising star is no stranger to the music community, coming out with releases like the Tara Priya – EP (2011), Goodbye, Romeo (2012), Tara Priya (2012), and Shot in the Dark (2014). She dazzled fans with ‘Not At All’, a preview to her newest release, Friends Like These. That single seduced crowds with its sexually solemn vocals and tensely rutting beat. This collection stands her up as a perfect solo artist.

TaraPriya-FriendsLikeTheseThe first track established the haunting vibes that her music is known for, and continues with the namesake track ‘Friends Like These’. If Alicia Keys was softer with her voice and released darker music, I feel like this is what it would sound like. These dark tunes are a constant theme in the album, the only thing that seemingly changes from song to song are the lyrics. ‘Friends Like These’ and ‘Who That’ was significantly different, however. It gave a lighter note to the album.

Priya focuses on atmosphere established by instruments and her voice – the strongest suit being the vocals she presents. Listeners looking for something pop-out and upbeat won’t be pleased with this one, but it’s good to take that breath every once in a while. Leave it to Tara Priya to take it away.

To listen to Tara Priya’s latest, check out her BandCamp page and her website. For more information on this aspiring pop star’s career, check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @TaraPriya.

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