Secret Sun brings a face to their older tracks with their “Cold Coast” video


Simon Landry and Anne-Marie Campbell revisit their debut album Cold Coast with remixes, and even more intriguing, a few new videos for last year’s songs. “Cold Coast” is one of the tracks to get its own video to excite fans for the recent Cold Coast – Remixes album.

SecretSunThis video sings solemnly with a sort of apocalyptic tale of two lovers on the last day of the sun (or so they thought until the hopeful ending of the video). They’re documented as they escape town into the wilds and try to make a new life there.

Like with other Secret Sun videos, this one is strong with atmosphere and cinematography. It uses environments as its strong suit with the occasional subject in the forefront. Beautiful work as always, Secret Sun.

Check out their music – both original and remixed – on their Bandcamp page. Also, look them up on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @secretsunmusic.



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