Quiet Parade makes their mark with “We Were Here”

Following the fog-shrouded lore of Halifax music, Quiet Parade is known for its living history that haunts the listener. You may have heard them around – they had two prior albums to their 2015 release. Please Come Home (We Hate It Here Without You) (2011) and Old Haunts (2013) put them on national standing among the indie community.

QuietParadeQuiet Parade boasts the talents of Trevor Murphy, Jay Methot, Anthony Phillips, and Julia Weir. Together, they make music they describe as “bleeding-heart pop rock”. Their track “We Were Here” comes as a preview to the rest of the album, exciting fans and new listeners alike.

With a Death Cab for Cutie softness of tune and charming voice, there’s a warmth to this song. Like the name of the band suggests, it’s a quiet kind of music but the impact of it speaks louder among fans. The lyrics have a deeper meaning too, “one day they will know that we were here,” while the video shows a young girl burying things that are dear to her relates the song to the childhood of the listener.

This is a parade you might not mind marching in: check out their stuff on their official website and pay their Bandcamp page a visit. Also, go to their Facebook page for to-the-minute updates and follow them on Twitter @QuietParade.

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