Pink Mountaintops :: ‘Asleep with an Angel’

I was quite surprised when I got word that Pink Mountaintops would release a two-song vinyl LP. It had been just a few short months (or what felt like short months) since Stephen McBean’s lovechild released the critically acclaimed Get Back.

And now I know why: it feels like the single, ‘Asleep with an Angel’, should have been on Get Back.

The track is good. Let me start by saying that. It’s a sweeping foray into the lo-fi stoner rock that we’ve come to love from Pink Mountaintops. McBean’s lazy, breathy vocals pander on while dizzy guitars fade in between strong bass notes and steady drums.

PinkMountaintops-2But it’s nothing new. We heard it on Get Back (we loved it on Get Back) and we’re hearing it now.

The trick is the LP’s B side, which has yet to be released – unless you were one of the 250 lucky fans to score a copy of the album from Parisian site April 77. ‘The Beat’, or what few seconds you can hear of it on iTunes, has an overall suf-ish sound, with a skater-esque tempo and punk-edged vocals. It’s much fresher and more exciting than the single, a gift to those who actually bought the clear-and-pink-splatter vinyl.

For more on Pink Mountaintops, visit their Facebook page.

Buy a digital copy of the 7″ on iTunes (even though you know it’s not the same).

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