Nancy Pants talk albums new and old, and Esquire

NancyPants-1Nancy Pants, the Montreal-based trio, started as a jam band between friends and has since morphed into a powerhouse that has Charlize Theron star in their music videos.

They’ve been touring as part of POP Montreal’s POP OFF but took the time to answer some of our email questions.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): How did Nancy Pants form?

Nancy Pants (NP): Adam and Ohara, who are illustrators and comic book makers, were going to a comic book convention (TCAF!) and they were like, “Hey, let’s start a band!” They were already collaborating on art stuff. Both of them are also singer/songwriters and musicians, and have been in a bunch of bands, so they were like, “We already collaborate on art stuff; why don’t we try music stuff?!” and then they jammed out once and it was fun, then asked Jeremy if he wanted to jam too and pretty much at the end of that jam they were a band.


RMM: How would you describe your sound?

NP: ’60s garage rock meets weird ’90s punk that’s kinda surfy but also low-fi and also hi-fi and a bit poppy and a bunch of other things (currently recording a new album with some new songs [we] are experimenting around with)


RMM: It’s been a bit more than a year since you released your demo. What’s kept you guys so busy?

NP: Well, we released our album shortly after we released some demos from our jam and then we’ve just been playing a bunch of shows. Right now, we’re recoding a new album!


RMM: You’ve also been able to gain a lot of notoriety in a short period of time. What’s been your “secret” to that success?

NP: No idea. It’s nice though! I think maybe because we are just having a lot of fun. Having fun and sharing the fun.


RMM: How did the opportunity with Esquire come about?

NP: They had a list of bands they were interested in for the video and they liked our ‘Happy‘ song a lot and they asked us if they could use it, and then it turned into a mini mini music video starring Charlize Theron! Haha!


RMM: How did you come to headline the POP OFF tour?

NancyPants-2NP: I think they like us? 😉


RMM: What can music lovers expect from your live show?

NP: I think the live show captures the energy of the album and we kinda jump around a lot so I guess they could at least expect to see us having fun. Hopefully!


RMM: Switching gears a bit: what was the writing process like for TOTAL NANCY PANTS?

NP: Some of the songs are brought in by Ohara and Adam but a lot of them are written right on the spot. I think our favourite songs are the ones that we just write on the spot. They involve all of us and there is this great firecracker burst of collaboration and total, total joy.


RMM: What was the recording process for the album like?

NP: We all love recording. We do it fast, sometimes we write new songs while doing it – and it’s just a fun time for us. Basically we did it in our jam space live on the floor and then overdubs at Adam’s house in his little office room.  Adam wrote a whole thing about it on Pure Grain Audio if you wanna hear all the dirty details.


RMM: How were the writing and recording processes different from those when you were working on your demo?

NP: Not much different. We basically jammed the songs a few times and then recorded them on our phones – voila demo! For the recording, we usually just run the songs a few times, the vocal takes a couple times and overdubs usually once. Pretty quick. We try not to over-think it too much but definitely if something sounds weird we’ll go back and work on it.


RMM: What’s next for Nancy Pants?

NP: About to do the POP Montreal POP OFF Tour 2 with Look Vibrant and we’re really excited about it. Just finished up tracking the instruments for our new album and then it’s just the vocals and overdubs left. Hitting the States in the fall. Hopefully Japan next and maybe the International Space Station.

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