Nanaki partners with Dandelion Radio for new EP

Nanaki’s back at it again with last month’s release of Dandelion Radio Session, a five-track continuation of Postcode’s Mikie Daugherty and his side project. Small Bear Records made the announcement of this EP’s release, recorded in a session for Mark Whitby’s Dandelion Radio Show. Dandelion Radio, by the way, is an Internet radio show inspired by English disc jockey John Peel and continues the tradition of the Festive Fifty (the best fifty songs announced and played at the end of each year).

NanakiDaugherty takes the time to revisit some of his older tracks in the earlier days of the band, namely from the album Fashion Is The Enemy of All Art. Post-punk and post-rock are a staple in his alternative instrumental band. With Dandelion Radio bringing these tracks to new listeners, there’s no reason that this album can’t kick off.

This style is unmistakably Mikie Daugherty, blending the bass guitar track with lighter electronic twangs. Each track is unique but maintains this mix as its predominant style. Dandelion Radio Session is classified as an experimental album and you probably won’t hear much of this sound elsewhere. The closest thing that could come to it are some of Interpol’s lighter songs without vocals.

I’ve always wondered how much more powerful Nanaki’s tracks would be with vocals, but have since come to the conclusion that the sounds speak louder than words ever could – especially with the consistent drumming building up tension in “Let Me Close My Eyes”. Each track is great in its own way, perfectly illustrating the darker themes that Nanaki provides, but “Disembryo” won out as being my favorite.

Want to get lost in this eclectic mix of music? Listen to the EP on Nanaki’s BandCamp page. Get more information on the goings-on in the band through their Facebook page.

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