Miesha & the Spanks are back and better than ever


On the last day of July, Miesha & the Spanks released a two-song EP called Summer Love, a taste of new music since the addition of Emelia Lovink on drums. It’s a taste that fans surely want more of (and they won’t have to wait too much longer; the duo are working on a full-length).

MieshaSpanksThe EP, according to Miesha and co., “signals a new direction” for the band, and indeed it’s not the same Spanks we’ve heard before. These new songs are more refined, cleaner and more expert than anything we’ve heard before.

Opening song and title track ‘Summer Love’ starts off highlighting the softer side of the duo, as quiet harmonies are offset by Lovink’s steady drum and Louie’s guitar builds and speeds up to the end of the track. And that’s not to mention lyrics like: “Are you here? / Or have you gone away? / Are you down the hall? / Or are you back to stay?”

‘Come Undone’, meanwhile, features heavier guitar riffs and short-and-sweet drums that add a fullness to the song, shoving it along. The vocals, though, are more refined, with a distinct punchy edge, especially at the chorus, which chants: “Let’s come undone / We’ve come undone…”

Above all, they’re a total tease. We want more – and we want it now! Please!

For more Miesha & the Spanks, visit their website.

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