Liam Corcoran kicks off a solo project with ‘Let It Be Now’

‘Let it Be Now’ comes as the hit song from the August release of ROM-DROM, the first solo album of Charlottetown-based singer, songwriter, and music producer Liam Corcoran. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Corcoran was the co-founder of the popular Indie band, Two Hours Traffic. A mix of pop, folk, and alternative country is how Corcoran best describes ROM-DROM’s style.

LiamCorcoranThe melody is a breeze and the vocals hold more weight, but it’s a pretty hearty folk-indie song. With the acoustic guitar, the grand piano, and that unedited voice, it sounds as barebones as it gets. You couldn’t ask for a more honest track with such a narrative love behind it. Corcoran made a nice harmony for a fading summer season. Let’s hope the love for this song doesn’t die out as quickly.

Check out this mini-album on his SoundCloud page. Get updated on his solo career through his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @corcoran_ld.

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