Jonesin’ And The Hurt balance pop and folk with Why Not?

It takes a folksy quartet like Ralph Clarke, Evan Chladny, Cam Fraser, and Stan White to form an indie rock band like Jonesin’ And The Hurt. Romping like a more energetic Simon & Garfunkel, they kick off a garage band party with their first full-length album, Why Not?, released this February.

They’re the first band I’ve heard to describe themselves as “Zamboni-Core”, another one of these made-up terms – this one apparently reflecting a Canadian style to their music. That can’t be denied, they sound like Canadian folk without falling into Albertan country drawl, and they’re pop and rock enough, but not too much to be a typical Vancouver or Toronto band.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much nuance to their music as far as folk music goes and their tracks all sound the same after a while, coming across as one long drawn-out song than a collection of separate tracks.

JonesinHurtMy favourite track has to be ‘Fluorescent Light’ for the rough narrative of it all. It’s also the song that’s the closest to standing out from the rest of them. It also occurs to me that the reason I like the charm behind this band is because they not only remind me of the ‘90s bands of my childhood (though they’re adamant about describing themselves as “post ‘90s”), but they also kinda sound like Hollerado – a band that crept up on me and made me enjoy them when I wasn’t expecting to.

Faster beats like ‘Daisies’ make me realize why this band is pretty easy to get into, and ‘Thief on the Moon’ shows a great vocal range amongst the singers here. I’d like to hear more tracks like this one. They’re still a relatively new band, but you can’t deny that they’re steadily building a sufficient fanbase for themselves.

Fixing to get folksy? Check out Why Not? on their BandCamp page. For more information on this band, check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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