High on Fire lights up the heavy metal scene with Luminiferous

HighOnFire-LuminiferousHigh on Fire has been “born from the ashes of their former bands, seventeen years ago” to blaze the heavy metal scene with Luminiferous, released this June. Backed by Matt Pike (who rips the guitar and kills it with his vocals), Des Kenzel (who mercilessly slams the drums), and Jess Matz (mastering the bass), the band from hell has conjured six full-length albums and a few live releases and EPs, starting from The Art of Self Defense (2000).

Other releases the hard-rock community enjoyed include: Surrounded by Thieves (2002), Blessed Black Wings (2005), and Death Is This Communion (2007). Currently, the California natives are touring Europe.

As I write this while listening to the album, I realize that this is perfect music to work to: motivating, inspiring, driving – forget “Whistle While You Work”, this is what the working class needs.

HighOnFireMotivating as it is, it’s easy to write them off as another Metallica knock-off or an Alexisonfire sound-alike. They are prominent players in the community and bands like these can’t be set aside (mostly because they won’t let you with their attention-demanding musical presence). It’s not just metal by today’s standards: there’s a great throw-back to that original ‘80s metal, and their sound is as raw as it comes.

The entire album is a romp, striking the listener with the “The Black Plot” as a suitable introduction. Without much of a breath (with the exception of “The Cave” being a slight change of pace), it barrels through tracks that sound more-or-less alike but each have a subtle nuance on their own, all the way to the explosive finale of “The Lethal Chamber”. So if you want to get to head-bashing, look no further than Luminiferous.

Get caught up in the inferno with High on Fire by visiting their website and check out their tour dates on Facebook. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @HighonFireBand.

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