Heather Powell’s dedicated service


Heather Powell of New York leapt into creating jazzy and mellow music after completing her dedicated service for the United States Armed Forces. Spending several years in Europe and  throughout the U.S. as a Medical Service Corps Officer, leading soldiers and managing army health care clinics, Powell immersed herself into her life calling: music and theatrics.

Powell holds a theatrical degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, and is also a ROTC graduate. Nearing the end of her US Armed Forces duty, Powell held the post as a commander and headliner of the US Army’s inaugural theatrical company.

Powell signed with New York’s True Groove Records and released her album titled A Haze of Grays and Blue. Her voice can be compared to the likes of Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion, and the jazzy melodies complement her lyrics and the expressions that she successfully conveys to the audience.

HeatherPowellPowell references a quote from the legendary Bob Marley – “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her” – which inspired her meaningful song ‘Awaken’ from the A Haze of Grays and Blue soundtrack.

Powell’s true calling in life was apparent due to her early childhood performances in various venues. She spent most of her time in choirs, puppetry and community theatre. Given the natural talent and love of performance, it is with no wonder that Powell began her songwriting and singing career when she returned to civilian life in North Carolina and then following her move to New York.

As Powell remains dedicated and immersed in writing her first musical stage play, titled Lipstick and Camouflage, her co-writer and the head of True Groove Records Tomas Doncker prepared the songs for the album A Haze of Grays and Blue.

Graced and empowered by her love of music and theatre, Powell is devoted to her songwriting and singing career, as well as theatre production. Her dedication certainly shines through and exhibits her talents.

Visit her website, heatherpowell.net.

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