Growing up without money for Nikes, Arlo Maverick had much ‘More’

‘More’ is Edmonton M.C. Arlo Maverick’s first music video release and a preview of his forthcoming multi-platform concept album Maybe Tomorrow.

The song chronicles the struggles of growing up working-class poor in a single-parent home and having to go without: discount store shame brand clothes that smell of food; birthdays spent with unwelcome family, gift wishes unfulfilled; and Christmases consigned to packing necessities for family back home in Jamaica who have even less. Arlo’s genuine writing conveys a hunger for the “better” life being lived all around him from the perspective of a “ravenous mind / in the time of my childhood” while also recognizing the miracle that is a single mother. His delivery rolls with ease over Oozeela’s richly layered, expansive and uplifting, nostalgic and bittersweet track.

Arlo 1The video is of a young Arlo, having a rough day that gets rougher but evolves optimistically to show how maintaining compassion towards people, even when you’ve been victimized by someone, can help change communities in a down-to-earth and well-told story. It’s not about elaborate sets, fancy effects, or inflated egos – in fact, Arlo forgoes appearing in the video for the sake of the story. The result is an effective complement to the song, matching its tone, and is textbook how-to-make-a-quality-music-video with great writing, planning, and acting.

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