Charity Ward makes waves that reach across the border

CharityWardCharity Ward, Detroit’s singer, songwriter and guitarist, is making waves with her creation of moving music that heals the soul, uplifts the spirit and promotes optimism. Ward firmly believes that every musician has to have vulnerability in them to some extent, in order to skillfully compose songs that can change and improve lives. And her album Yellow, set for release later this month, does just that!

Tempered in the art of healing, Charity’s beginnings are impressive and extraordinarily heartwarming. She learned about her cultural heritage, as well as simultaneously honing her musical talents, while her fellow Detroiter, Stevie Wonder, taught her about the magical key – meaning of life. While Detroit’s Motown hits of the ’70s provided Ward with more than spiritual enlightenment and affirmations of togetherness, it prompted her career and resulted in her cheerful and soothing tunes – surely beneficial for the soul.

After focusing and learning the deep and moving meaning of R&B, jazz and pop, Ward moved to Nashville, Tenn., to attend university, where she had the opportunity to study music (classical and jazz guitar).

CharityWard-albumCharity believes that healing is fundamental and necessary for people, in order to continue living in a positive way, and this she does through her music, as well as her current position as a teacher for elementary students with academic disabilities. She finds that both music and teachings are equally healing.

“Music is here to heal us,” she says. Her ability to not only mix and combine various genres, such as soul, R&B, jazz, folk, pop and funk, but also embrace and touch many human conditions (love, feminism and family) via her songs leaves listeners in awe. Completely fragile, yet powerfully gripping – the sensational imagery can be felt and discerned as we delve into listening to Ward’s songs.

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