Big Data is setting out to be a Big Hit with 2.0

BigData-CleanMusic producer Alan Wilkis’ 2.0 unflinchingly steps into the thick of the 21st century, modelling his music after the Internet and social media features – he even has a song about Edward Snowden. Everything from the sound to the subject matter mimics a point in time that can’t be replicated in any other decade. Released near the end of March this year, it’s the album that no nerd wants to miss. Even fans of the techno-beat genre should get behind these sounds.

Not only do these songs reflect certain issues and topics pertaining to our technological world, but as Wilkis puts it, the songs are “lyrically… often voiced from the perspective of the ‘bad guy’ in the narrative”. This makes sense with the Snowden song, ‘Snowed In’, humorously sympathizing with the NSA as a betrayed friend or lover.

With this release, Wilkis collaborates with many artists like White Sea, Joywave, Kimbra, Dragonette, and many more. Rounding up this many artists is an impressive feat alone, but they go beyond expectations with their great sound and relevant material.

BigDataThe album oozes techno-beat with its instrumentals, but doesn’t overdo it by laying a fully digitized filter over the vocals. Instead, the vocals are euphoric and have a great harmony of male and female voices working together with that upbeat musical style.

Each song presents a new collaboration, which is reflected in the way it sounds. If you’re a fan of synth-pop, there’s going to be some variation on this album that you’ll enjoy – that’s practically guaranteed.

Check out Big Data’s site for the premiere of 2.0 to hear the album for yourself. Also check out the Facebook page and Twitter feed for more information.

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