Vogue Dots :: ‘Way Out’

VogueDots-WayOutNew Brunswick’s experimental pop duo Vogue Dots – consisting of Babette Hayward and Tynan Dunfield – released their latest single ‘Way Out’.

The song is a mish-mash of electro-dreamy sound. Soft blinking beeps fade into an orchestral synth tone before empty droplets pull you in. At that point, the track explodes and soft, husky vocals take over as the music melts together, though each part still somehow manages to stand separate.

‘Way Out’ ends the way it started: each component fades away, one at a time, before cutting to still silence.

The song, released via Brooklyn label Cascine’s digital singles arm, CSCN, was recorded in a cottage on Belle Isle, just off the Labrador Penninsula. That close-to-nature feel is evident on the swelling song, especially considering it’s surrealist whimsical tone.

‘Way Out’ was paired with ‘Thunder’ as a B-side to the track. ‘Thunder’ is (mostly) a softer, dreamier song, and works perfectly to compliment ‘Way Out’. It starts out by switching between a more industrial feel and a less electronic tone, before settling on a sweet wave of sound and hazy vocals that lovingly call I’m waiting for you…

Get both here. And for more on Vogue Dots, visit their Facebook page.



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