The Motorleague :: ‘Burned in Effigy’

Motorleague–'BurnedInEffigy'The Motorleague, following their autumn tour of the U.S. and Canada this past year, compiled some fantastic band footage to recap their adventure to the tune of ‘Burned in Effigy’.

“From September 5th” / “to December 1st” read the first two of many Post-It notes strewn about the video, detailing the many events and escapades the band experienced over the 88-day tour: everything from how many poutines were eaten, to a tally of broken, lost (and found) equipment; from how many beds, floors and couches were slept on, to how many kilometres were travelled.

To the track itself: the opening and constant pounding of drummer Francis Landry gives the tune a great drive and edge that carries the listener along for the journey, following each beat to every new site on the way. Following close behind are bassist Shawn Chiasson, and guitarist/vocalist Nathan Jones with a steady groove and intermittent picking (and a faint hint of keys). Feeling further away, as if from somewhere in the ether, lead singer/guitarist Don Levandier floats above the music with his ever so slightly gritty, yet pure vocals – the purity a partial result of the withdrawn effect.

Hammering into the chorus, Landry opens up the door for the true grit of Levandier and company to show through. The power chords charging in, and the vocals opened up to power over it all give a fantastic rock ‘n punk vibe.

The punk rocking continues with a fantastic harmonized verse kept on the march by a solid bass kick, straight into chorus and lead into a sombre bridge, returning to the fantastic drum run from the top of the track keeping the boys together as they harmonize in the round to “find [their] way back home”, past the subtle keys (and fading synth cello?).

Capturing the band in the day to day, the video is a wonderful glimpse into their lives on the road. The hotels, the restaurants, the people; the pivotal boots put aflame to stand as torch, burning in memoriam of the great trip, and as placeholder for the title of the track.

“When you set fire to your way back home…it not the distance it’s all about the damage we’ve done.”

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