The Balconies :: Fast Motions

TheBalconies-FastMotionsRarely is a debut album by an independent Canadian rock band so eagerly awaited; even more rarely is that album is so well-received.

But that’s The Balconies’ Fast Motions for you.

The Toronto-based four-piece band teased us with ‘The Slo’, a fantastic and sprawling rock song, during the summer last year. And, as expected, fans were thrown into a frenzy. So you can only imagine the reaction to an album as well-rounded, as well-produced, as perfectly polished yet fabulously gritty as Fast Motions.

‘Boys and Girls’ opens the album with a simple guitar riff before Jacquie Neville’s fantastic coo breaks the ice and Steve Molella’s crashing symbols amp up the track. Add in Steve Neville’s sturdy bass and Liam Jaeger’s full-bodied guitar and you have a song that ramps up the energy and an album that never lets up.

Jacquie’s phenomenal vocals are thrust further into the spotlight in ‘I Know You’re Right’. The frontwoman’s voice is so pure but still maintains that edge that sets it apart from anything you’ve heard in the last long while.

TheBalconies‘Good and Ugly’ isn’t afraid to play with tempo, starting slow and building to an incredible burst of a chorus. Not to mention ‘Kill Count’ and ‘Do It In The Dark’ – two previously-released tracks – which are just as spectacular as you remember them.

The title track, meanwhile, takes on a bit more of an industrial vibe. Eerily distant guitars and muted drums work to create a smokey sound – until the chorus, when Jacquie’s wonderful vocals break through the haze, drawing colour into the song, invigorating the bass and boosting the guitars.

Overall, Fast Motions is about as exciting as a rock album can possibly be. It’s a completely danceable, entirely head-bangable, and wholly grooveable album that, really, you should own.

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