September 7, 1978

sept7On this day in 1978, Keith Moon was found dead at age 32.

A severe alcoholic, Moon was taking a heavy prescription drug called Heminevrin to help relieve with his withdrawal symptoms.

On the evening of the sixth, Moon was mulling over whether or not to attend Paul McCartney’s invitation to a pre-party and the premier of the new film The Buddy Holly Story. 

Moon and his Swedish model girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax, were trying to stay clean from drink and drug, and Moon did not want to be tempted at the evening’s festivities.

Walter-Lax claims Moon soon changed his mind after she was upset at the idea of missing such a big event. Moon then made a call for cocaine. After he had ingested the narcotics, he was feeling up for the party and he and his girlfriend attended and had a mellow night out for one of the first times in their relationship.

Moon gave in to a couple glasses of champagne and popped a few more of his anti-alcohol medication, Heminevrin. During the screening of the film Moon became restless and he and his girlfriend left in the middle of the movie. When they returned home, Moon ate a dinner of lamb and consumed more Heminevrin, and went to bed.

Walter-Lax awoke in the afternoon to find Moon unconscious and called for paramedics. Moon was pronounced dead at 5:50 p.m.

Moon’s autopsy revealed he still had 26 undissolved Heminevrin tablets in his system.

Moon left behind a young daughter.

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