October 27, 2010

Oct27On this day in 2010, Keith Richards released his long awaited autobiography, titled Life. His drug use is the main topic, next to his love for the blues.

He dives into the stories surrounding the early days in the Stones with Brian Jones and his subsequent dragged-out relationship with Jones’ ex-girlfriend, the notorious Italian actress Anita Pallenberg.

Richards revealed that he dislikes fellow Rolling Stones member Bill Wyman with a passion. Richards also caused a headache for Mick Jagger when he reported Jagger’s man size to be quite minuscule.

Other topics of interest include the mysterious and tragic passing of Richard’s three-month-old son. Richards was on tour in 1976 when son Tara died in Pallenberg’s care. To this day, he is still unable to deal with his son’s death and has not been able to visit the grave. He actually states that he does not even know where it is located. His grief over leaving the newborn with Pallenberg while she was using as many drugs as she was is still haunting him to this very day.

Richards cleared up some urban legends about himself, admitting that he did indeed snort his fathers ashes but that he has never had a blood transfusion. Richards says he is alive today because he did “good expensive drugs, no street shit”.

Life reached the No.1 position on the New York Times hardcover non-fiction bestseller list. The immediate rise in sales made Life one of the best-selling rock autobiographies in history.

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