May 20, 1998

May20On this day in 1998, the funeral of Frank Sinatra was held in Beverly Hills with more than 700 invited guests, as well as over 1,000 onlookers and 100 photographers. The church was decorated with 30,000 white roses.

Frank Sinatra Jr., Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas and Robert Wagner were among the group of men picked to read a eulogy.

Barbara Sinatra, 71, Sinatra’s widow and fourth wife, sat in the first pew with his children Nancy, 57, Frank Jr., 54, and Tina, 49. Behind them sat two of his three former wives: Nancy Sinatra Sr. and Mia Farrow (she and Sinatra were married briefly in the 1960s). Sinatra’s second wife Ava Gardner, with whom he had a passionate and torrid union, died in 1990.

Joey Bishop, the last surviving member of the Rat Pack, was in attendance, along with Liza Minnelli, Jack Nicholson, Tony Bennet and Angie Dickinson, to name a few.

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