KISS-1As KISS was in their prime years, they still are in their later years: thrilling! Luckily I was privileged to attend their 2014 concert at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre, courtesy of a birthday gift from my daughter.

With enthusiasm and excitement, we walked towards to the stadium, all along passing by loyal members of the KISS Army. What was interesting was the conglomeration of people that were walking alongside us on our way to our seats. What a mixture of people! Young and old, from mothers pushing baby carriages, to toddlers, to teenagers, to young adults and, of course, the original fans from the get-go. Everyone walked in unison, in harmony and a silent and mutual understanding that we are all about to watch a concert that will blow our minds away!

The roars of the crowd when Def Leppard, who opened for KISS, appeared and began to sing their nostalgic and classic tunes sent shivers down my spine, as I’m certain it did with all of the other 16,000 audience members. The excitement was contagious and grew more and more in anticipation of KISS’ appearance – which everybody knew would be a show in itself, and it was!

After the rapturous applause from the audience for Def Leppard, a brief (well…a little more than brief) interlude occurred, and of course, the stage and lighting and all props were being positioned for KISS’ grand entrance.

KISS-2The screams, the tears and the thunderous applause could barely be toned down by KISS’ shocking entrance – descent onto the stage via the multi-coloured fire-shooting mechanical spider that the KISS members were proudly standing on, in their elaborate shiny outfits and (the expected) made-up faces. It was amazing, to say the least.

What followed was a dedicated performance of their popular hits that had everyone singing and dancing along. The continuous interaction between the KISS members, notably Paul Stanley with the audience was appreciated by all, and memorable.  It must be said that Def Leppard also engaged with audience and both Def Leppard and KISS noted a few times that their concert was dedicated and benefited the charity for various Wounded Warriors organizations. This, too, left the audience captivated and more thunderous applause ensued.

The pyrotechnic exhibit from the giant mechanical spider, as well as other stage outlets and Paul Stanley’s guitar amazed and surprised the audience. A grand show it was! Naturally, as everybody waited for the moment when Gene Simmons did his tongue and fake blood exhibit, as all the lights dimmed to a nearly pitch black atmosphere. The audience was at once silent, then suddenly screamed with delight!

KISS-3Ending their superior performance was the song that nearly everybody knows: ‘Rock and Roll All Night’. At that time, nobody held back, everybody was dancing, singing and clapping simultaneously in sheer amazement and ecstasy. To add to the dramatic ending of the concert, more fireworks, more multi-coloured light displays on the audience and the KISS members and a shower of confetti that landed all over the audience and the surrounding area.

KISS definitely gave the people exactly what they expected from them: an enticing show, amazing props and effects, and classic rock songs to sing and dance to – and remember forever.

A must-see concert for the appeasement of all the expectations from a world renown rock band that amazed the world with their lavish costumes, make-up and spectacular stage props. Hats off to Def Leppard and KISS for giving the people what they wanted and expected- for the genuine and heartfelt interaction with the audience, and for the charity they are committed in helping with their concert tour!

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